BF3 Release Verbetering t.o.v. Beta

Op is sinds gisteren een podcast te vinden van een gesprek met twee high-end spelers die aanwezig zijn op Nvidia’s LAN 6 evement. Op dit evenement worden al tournamentjes met de release versie van BF3 gespeeld. In een uur durend interview bespreken ze wat er zoal is verbeterd. Gelukkig is er ook een samenvatting. Zie na de break…


Hit Registration Improved

The server at the Nvidia LAN was setup in Los Angeles, 5 hours away from the event. The hit registration and net code have been fixed from the beta. Now you will be able to know exactly when and where you are getting shot from rather then falling and thinking you got “one shotted” like in the Open Beta.

Tons of Vehicles

Operation Firestorm (The desert Oil field map) is much larger then Caspian Border. Each team gets 6 Main Battle Tanks at start + the ones from spawn points. This map has diversity of two story factory buildings with 500m or more between control points on conquest mode. This map is vehicle focus rather then infantry. We personally can’t wait to roll with our friends in a 6 M1-Abrams deep armor column.

Mini / Full map is back

The full blown mini-map is back like the original battlefield, when you open up you can see your teammates as well as spotted enemies

Mortar for kicking Ass

Many have wondered what the Mortar unlock would be like. When you mount it, the minimap appears with a crosshair of where to drop your mortar round down on. This is a sign that DICE will probably implement more artillery items in the future.

3D Spotting is Tweaked

Now the 3D Spotting works properly. You will lose track of your enemies when they got out of view be it in a bush or around a corner.

Manage your Squad

Squad Management is back with up to 8 Squads. In this build the commorose wasn’t enabled so you were forced to use Q (spotting key) to place squad orders. Our guess is once commorose is implemented, a squad order system much like battlefield 2 will be brought back.

If you hated the Beta, all has changed

From what we’ve heard from everyone at the NVIDIA LAN event, this build is very polished and has made those with doubts really quite excited for Battlefield 3. It really looks like this game is the true sequel we are waiting for. Thanks to DICE for working so hard on this to get it in our hands in just under 2 weeks. We will be sure to keep you posted if we learn any more details on teh conquest version of Damavand Peaks. We know you are all eager to hear about that base jumping segment!