Sad game marketing

So, you have a great running shooter but have to decide to release it in some sort of schedule. OK, point taken, but unclear why Korean and US players get an advance of a few days … (even more unsure why Japan got delayed more than a week). Next you have some people supporting you, such as a movie and a soda brand that give away some in-game goodies, but you’re restricting it to US and Canadian citizens (yes, talking about Act of Valor and Dr. Pepper). Pretty strange as both the movie and the brand will have global presence. But ensure even more exclusions you create a price sweep to thank ‘the community’ whereby only those same North Americans and a handful of Britains gamers can be accompanied by some German and France ones … (just to be sure, they also excluded US Florida and Columbia) – not sure what game your playing with your players, but we definitely don’t like it that much. Being kept from the game a few days, sure no problem, but you got to have something for your other players too. It’s not much fun sitting in the dark watching other people being handed a candle.

Come on EA/DICE and Battlefield as a brand – make up for such treats by at least ensuring you have a comparable goodie for the rest of the world.And while your at it with marketing, please have the engineers fix some of the missing dedicated server issues, including but not limited to ping, grid-location and unranked as a whole.

Thanks in advance, the ~Lion-Pack| and the rest of the BF3-Community being excluded :(

Free Dog tags for North-America –
Battlefield Sweepstake –
Free Dog tags through Dr. Pepper –
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