12 days of Chrismyth #bf3

Zo ineens loop je tegen grappige filmpjes op, zo ook de ’12 days of Chrismyth’ waarvan we nu op dag 6 aangekomen zijn. Klik door om alle filmpjes te zien, we zullen deze de komende dagen allemaal toevoegen aan dit bericht :)┬áVan de muziek kom je in elk geval in kerstsferen!

“Jets are immune to trees” (Day 5)

“Flying LAV taking down heli” (Day 12)

“Knife an enemy mid air” (Day 11)

“Mythical shot (1000m – 1500m – 2500 sniping)” (Day 10)

“Basejumping vehicles” (Day 9)

“TV missiles render you invincible” (Day 8)

“Myth Retest” (Day 7 – Claymores revisited)

“Can an MAV destroy vehicles” (Day 6 – but don’t think it’s over, watch the whole movie!)

“You can exchange jets mid air” (Day 4)

“A falling tree can kill you” (Day 3)

“You can land a jet upside down” (Day 2)

“A falling body can kill” (Day 1)

“My jet is yours” (Thank you for 10k subscribers)

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