Server Rules

Hi fellow gamer,

Nice of you to look us up! This page answers to what our Server Rules are -and- why you might have been kicked or (temporarily) banned from our Servers.

Server Rules

Our rules are simple and mostly in place to provide everyone a fair and nice time during the play on our systems.

  1. No spawn– or baseraping allowed
  2. No insulting, no swearing that includes insulting or swearing at other players, the server, it’s admins or the manufacturer
  3. No cheating, we stream PBBans that will get you banned on all servers if caught by the PBBans protocols (automated procedure!)
  4. No recruiting for other clans than our own (Lion-Pack)
  5. Only Dutch (NL) or English (EN) chatting allowed, even in squad and team-chats
  6. No noob-calling, and certainly no douche-calling! You are to respect and educate other players
  7. Be inspirational, not desperate – when your team is playing lone wolf, get them together nicely – not abusive
  8. No rocket-abuse (that is, not using the carl gustav launcher at personell – only at vehicles)
  9. Play skilled – No excessive tubing, launching or camping
  10. Don’t pretend to be or try to act like an admin – we choose our admins carefully and wisely, see our members page

Remember that 7-day enforced bans from our server are in place if you are not following the rules.
Admins can – and will – temporarily or permanently kick/ban you from our servers.

Why am I banned?

  1. For not following our Server Rules, the game manufacturers Rules-of-Engagement or game abuse we can – and will – ban players.
  2. Players with profane in-game nicknames risk a permanent ban – so do people who cheat the gameplay. We also run streaming with which, if caught, will land you a permanent ban on all servers. Play fair!
  3. Read the server rules and the rules-of-engagement and you won’t be banned (again)

PBbans streaming

If you are caught cheating on any server, including our servers, you won’t be able to access our (or other) servers. Go to their website to appeal if you disagree with a PunkBuster perm-ban, we’re just serving with and from them.

Why have I been kicked?

When a member joins, you might have been unfortunately kicked from our server. OR you did not comply with the server rules (see above). Don’t take this personally for the most part. As explained in the server pop-ups we will kick players to make room for our own clan members.

Again, don’t take this personally and just rejoin our server in a couple of minutes when there are slots available again. If you think you deserve your spot on this server and you’re 18+ and fluent in Dutch(NL/BE), register to our site – join us on teamspeak – and become a member!

Why have I been auto-kicked?

Due to the large amount of inmature players lately we’ve decided to put some countermeasures in to prevent people from swearing at eachother. We believe in fair and enthusiastic online gaming without insults running back and forth. As you are just kicked for these measures feel free to rejoin our server and chat more politely!


Cheers from the ~LP| Admins